Monday, June 01, 2009

less than 24 hours later...

I just finished this garden strip yesterday, (actually, see yesterdays post all about it) and some dweeb runs off the alley and into my rock garden today! Seriously, there's over 15 feet of alley out there, if you are incapable of staying on it, you shouldn't be allowed to drive!

Look up there^

They cracked a fossil in half! It's been around for several tens of thousands of years, and this incompetent cracks it in half! Un-freaking believable!

I'm just venting, I've already rebuilt the damage, and I can only hope that nothing else happens anytime soon... Yes, it's annoying, but far worse things have happened on the planet. And as for them being an incompetent dweeb, I have no idea really... all I know is that it was fine when I left this morning and it was run over when I came home tonight.

Otherwise, it was actually a pretty good day.

There was this in the back of a warehouse I saw today... maybe it's that I've been doing too much rock gardening, but the first thing that went through my mind was... 'They need some prickly pears back there. And some agaves... maybe a few of those hardy ferocactus too... and an ocotillo...

And then, as I was sitting in my truck in a store parking lot, reading my book and waiting for my next call... I heard a little chirp and I looked up to see this guy less than 10 feet outside my drivers window... A scissortail flycatcher was sitting there waiting for me to take a pic, and getting a little impatient with me...
Then he showed off his profile...

before his wife showed up and reminded him that there were chicks to feed and he didn't have time to resume his career as a super model.
you can tell this is the female, because the tails shorter.

And that was my day...


  1. Oh no! What nitwit can't maintain course for the time it takes to drive through an alleyway? Is it high school graduation time where you live? There might be your answer. Secret Aging Man will be upset when he sees that lovely fossil lying in pieces. Should I even mention it to him? He might just come unglued. Seriously, it's a shame that people are either mean or careless enough to do something like that. Maybe a few concealed tire spikes in the rock garden would serve you well.

  2. I'm pretty sure that the only person who would end up impaled on a tire stake is me... I'm thinking that I need to find me a big old boulder to put up between the rock garden and the alley, that should keep them on track...

  3. This seems to be standard operating procedure. Work to make something nice, and boom! Had you left it, nothing would have happened for 40 years! But, sometimes you don't know if it was an accident. There are weirdos out there that can't stand having nice surroundings, so feel compelled to mess it up. Then, they whine because they live in a dump!

  4. Oh, I love seeing those rocks there, Claude! You are right...they just need a few succulents to make them really SHINE!!!

    That bird is gorgeous! I have never seen a flycatcher great to see your photos!!! The tail is spectacular, isn't it?

    I will find it online to listen to it's sound.

    Finally got my wireless working tonight after 4 days of 4 calls to ATT, 3 guys coming out from ATT, a service call from a private computer guy (who didn't charge me), a trip (with my desktop computer) to the Geek Guys at Best Buy, and finally a few more geniuses at ATT via phone, and I got the wireless installed using my laptop (the darn desktop ethernet card was destroyed with lightning)!!! What a 4 day run around that was!

    Just thought you might enjoy a little RANT from me! LOLOL!

    Good to be back!

  5. I'm as mad you! Don't give up! It sure is looking good!

  6. Sorry to hear about your rock garden.

    The bird is amazing! What a long tail.

  7. Awesome bird pictures- lucky you to be right there!