Friday, June 26, 2009

vintage pics...

So, here's the deal...

Yesterday I ate something wrong, evidently, and I spent most of last night just flat out ill... so between just being wore out, and absolutely not willing or really able to deal with the heat out there today, I stayed home from work.

But, I didn't have any pics to post... so I decided that I would post some of these old pics of mine.

Sometimes, being a flea market dealer, I buy lots of stuff, and occasionally, there are these old pics in there... over the years, I've gathered up quite a collection. Unfortunately, I have no idea who most of these people are...

So, I scanned these pics is, and enhanced them... you should be able to click on them and get more detail...
I've always called that guy ^ 'the dude'

and this is obviously a pic of somebodies family farm...

And this old homestead is absolutely fascinating.
So, that's a few of my old pics. None of these pics are marked or dated in any way, so I have absolutely no idea who or where they are... but it's kind of fun making up stories to go with them.


  1. "The Dude" looks like someone from my high school almost 50 years ago, which means he's probably old, fat, bald and probably is currently called, "The Dud".

  2. WOW...that last picture really is great! YOu should write a short story about the family in that one and post it so we can hear all about them!!! That would be fun!! LOL

  3. very cool- I love history and old pictures! And that last one is really neat especially!