Wednesday, June 10, 2009

no pics today.


finally figured out what may be happening with the danged rock garden... The house next door was rental property, and they moved out last month. The For Rent sign went down, so we were waiting to see who would be moving in... finally met a guy today, and he's the new owner.

But it would appear that somebody has stolen the AC unit and the Water heater. The damage to the rock garden may be somebody loading up and making a quick, sloppy getaway. Of course, Monday is also trash day in this neighborhood, so anybody driving around with a truck would be mistaken for a dumpster diver picking up scrap metal... Now I wish I had put down tire spikes.

Anyway, it's a possibility.


  1. Increasing thievery and even less respect (if that's possible) for other people's property are signs of the times, unfortunately. Maybe the new neighbor will become a gardening buddy.

  2. I hope that walk2write is right! Yes I would like a start of the flower- sorry I didn't get back to you!