Sunday, July 05, 2009

And I'm back...

Actually, I didn't go anywhere. Just really had nothing much to say...

And that's not entirely honest. I have, for the past week, been battling the family curse of migraines... I don't get them as often as I used to, but they are much more serious when they're here, and as painful as they are, they're usually preceeded by a general moodiness and fits of depression... quite frankly the actual pain of the migraine is almost a relief... I know the cycle is almost over... The problem is that while this round about is going on, it's kind of hard to pull together the small bit of concentration it takes to type a scentece.

But on the fourth, I did get out and about enough to take a pic of this little black bee on a portaluca in the front yard... a nice shiney black except for the bright yellow pollen sacks on his back legs...
and the Cereus Hildemanus is putting out it's first bud of the year. Today it doubled in size, so it may open tonight after sundown. I'll try to get a pic if it does...
As for the rest of the fourth, I wasn't quite up to exploding fireworks... some fried chicken, a big slice of watermelon and a quiet day is all I wanted.
So, I'm still alive! (and I thank the kind posters who left comments asking if I was OK... thanks for checking up on me, but when it comes to these dang headaches, I know the drill )


  1. Oh gosh, Claude...I sure did miss you!!! I am so sorry about the damn migraines...those are so miserable! Glad you are pulling out from it all.

    Your cactus bloom looks so healthy and you know I am dying to ee the bloom!!! I hope you can get a good shot of it!!!

    Your quiet 4th sounded perfect...we were the same...had firworks going off all around our neighborhood, and one barking maniac little chihuahua in the house...we stayed home with her just to get through that night!

    I was thinking of you when we were at that battlefield yesterday (something told me it was a place you would like to see)...I have a couple more pics in my will post the canon and sword pics i got for you also!

  2. I am glad you are back and feeling better. I mostly tried to quiet dogs down while the fireworks were going off. Love the cactus bloom- night blooms are the best!

  3. I don't get severe headaches that often, but when I do, patchouli essential oil rubbed along the hairline and at the back of the neck does the trick for me. I hope you're back on track now and feeling better.