Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I left the house this morning determined that I was gonna find something to take a danged pic of if it was the last thing I did.

Well, It almost was the last thing I did. On the final delivery of the day, I saw some Texas Longhorns.

Yep, cows are the best I could come up with today... As far as interesting things to see go, it just hasn't been happening lately. Usually, Longhorns can't be bothered with people stopping to take a few pics. But, as evidenced in the pic below... these had calves in the field, and they were keeping their eyes on me...
Texas Longhorns are a cantancerous breed, much like Texans in general, so I didn't stick around too long. If they decided that I was going to be a nuisance, they can get dangerous.
But I couldn't just show you pics of cows... So here's the salvaged banana tree... he's coming along pretty well... (and you will notice that the neighbor still hasn't mowed that grass... GRRRR)
And here's a Turks-cap (aka Sleeping Hibiscus, or Wax Malva, but more proberly known as Malvaviscus arboreus) I planted him among the prickly pears in the front yard. I don't like empty dirt, as I've found if I don't intentionally grow something there, then something I don't want will show up. So, I've started planting TX wildflowers among the cactus. They can take the heat and drought. The blooms on these never fully open, and they're small, but for some reason, they're still very cheerful...
Not that we've been having drought lately. It rained off and on all day yesterday, and all morning today... then the sun came up and the humidity level was about 80. Not comfortable at all...
But, I did get a late bloom on the Prickly pears...

Which only goes to prove that you can find something interesting to look at if you try hard enough.


  1. You are far more creative in coming up with photos than I am. I've always loved to look at Texas Longhorns--we don't have them here at all--so I'm glad you showed them. The banana plant is doing well. Pudge and I had lunch last Friday, and she saw a plant in an alley by a trash container. She mentioned she was going to post the photo for you, but I haven't seen that happen yet. We both thought of you the minute we saw that strangly throwaway!

  2. I will post that photo for you soon. I love the longhorns- I planted summer wildflowers=never came up!

  3. You always have something interesting to post: pics, commentary, and helpful information. Thanks again for providing the directions on growing lotus. Now I just have to find some lotus root.