Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So I started today by taking my morning cup of coffee out to my lathe house, where I was poking around the plants in the cool of the morning, and I suddenly felt something on the top of my head... turned out to be Phennig, reaching through the lathe and trying to claw my scalp.

Little booger...

The 5 little Ferocactus wislenzeni I ordered from ebay came in the mail today... in an envelope, padded with waste paper, recycled packing peanuts and loose dirt...

And most of the peanuts are those biodegradable ones, the ones that dissolve in water... and these got just damp enough to get all sticky and gooey and stuck to each other, the envelope, and the plants... really, you'd think the guy would at least have wrapped them in paper. Not entirely happy... but they are 2 inches tall and about that wide (if you count the spines) and they did get here... I'll try to get some better pics after I get them cleaned up and planted/potted.

right now... I'm waiting for my ride to get here so that I can pick up the truck.
That's right... I'm gonna be mobile again... Hide the children, I'm loose!


  1. Wow. That's probably the worst plant-packing job I've ever seen. I'm . . . impressed?

  2. Mr. S... I agree... this guy evidently put some effort into this...

    Chris ... Phennig is the most annoying and the most charming cat I've ever had...

  3. OMG...that is aweful! I probably would have cried to find all that mess inside! I know you will get them cleaned up, but this was practically a sin! Hmph!

    Hi Phennig!!!