Friday, July 10, 2009

stuck at home playing with pottery...

Well, not driving today, so I'm stuck at home with nothing to do but clean up, price and pack stuff that I'll take into the flea market if I ever get a truck to haul things...

Since some of my blog friends have expressed some interest in the flea market, I decided I'd show you a few things... besides. I don't have anything else to do... of course, when I was dealing on ebay I took a whole lot more trouble with the pics to really show things off...

The first pic is Frankoma pottery, in the Lazy Bones pattern, and the Desert Gold glaze. The covered casserole book prices in the 50 dollar range, and the warming stand, which was made to use interchangably with several pieces, book prices in the 40 dollar range. I'll probably ask 45 for all three pieces. For some reason, when I saw these at the Estate Sale, I immediately thought of Ayana, at Water When Dry.... I'm finding more and more that I'll see things that I really think my blogger friends would like.

Frankoma doesn't sell too well here... Most of the local people seem to be going for a more exotic look, with Asian, Indian, and Victorian influences. In my humble opinion, it's a look that looks great in English country estates, but looks a little heavy, uncomfortable and cramped in Texas suburbs, but I'll sell it to them if they want it...
This little cactus cream jug, and the cactus salt and pepper shakers might find a home here... the shakers are probably what's referred to as souvenier-ware... bought on somebodies trip to Arizona. The memento industry uses patterns forever, so there is absolutely no way of knowing how old they are. I like them though...
The cream jug is really a puzzle. I have no idea who made it... Hull pottery put out a cactus line, but this glaze doesn't match it at all, it looks more like a McCoy glaze to me... and of course the only marking is 103... it's definitely an American pottery, and most probably a California pottery, but I can't track it down! (And these reminded me of Julie at A Succulent Life)

I took a pic of the markings... if anybody out there has a clue, I'd love to hear about it... Simply because I want the sugar bowl to match.

I've got 8 of these drinking glasses with Siamese dancers on the side. I'll try to get about $15 bucks for the set...
And this pair of Chinese ladies should get me about $10.

And that's about it for today... maybe I'll drop back by later and give an update on my truck. I'm really starting to worry about it... It's true that I am an independant contractor, but if the courier service thinks that my truck isn't dependable, and they can't count on me, I may be out of a job! The last thing I need right now is to try to be unemployed in this economy...


  1. Of course my Mother had the salt and pepper shakers in her collection from the 40's-early 50's. I have the chinese lady somewhere in my house. I think you should post more-saves going out in this heat-That was fun!!

  2. Oh, cool! Love to see your fleamarket stuff. The casserole thingy is something I've never seen before. Is this stuff you found or purchased somewhere else? What is the average turnover time, or is it totally unpredictable? Inquiring minds want to know!

  3. Pudgeduck - 40's to 50's on the salt shakers? I was guessing about 20 years later... WOW. Maybe I'll start making a What's new for the Market post every week, it looks like people enjoy it...

    Aiyana - Frankoma pottery is one of those things that people love or hate. The flea market is a combination of found items and purchased items. Most of what I showed you today came from an Estate sale last Sunday... locally, the Estate sales go half-price on Sunday after they've been open all Friday and Saturday. Great bargains... You want to at least double what you paid for each item when you sell it, but trippling or quadrupling happens... turnover time on sime items is 1 week, on others 1 year. Totally unpredictable.

  4. I like the Chinese ladies. Don't tell my wife. Hope the truck gets fixed.

  5. chris... if you stop back by, I don't believe you have comments enabled on your blog. At least I can't post any...

  6. AWE...that salt and pepper shaker set is adorable!!! I looked at my fav antique place for your creamer to match your bowl (, and sadly did not find it for you! I will keep my eye out...I love searching and who knows...maybe I will get lucky!

    I love seeing your "finds" for the flea market...thanks for showing us!!!

  7. OMG Claude- you are awakening my second obsession, which has taken a backseat to gardening these days. I've collected pottery and glassware for years! I'd love to see some of your other finds!