Sunday, March 22, 2009

Texas Bluebonnet Season has started!

Our state flower started blooming a couple of weeks ago, but they're just now starting to really put on a show... Unfortunately, I haven't been able to stop and take pics during my deliveries. If I've got a few minutes, there doesn't seem to be one in sight, and when I'm surrounded by them, I'm on a run!

so this single solitary specimen that has managed to survive in my yard will have to do...

They'll continue to bloom until the summer heat really hits, although after Mothers Day they'll be much less impressive. There's a rather annoying tradition of people wanting to take pictures of their children running through the bluebonnets on Mothers Day... consequently, most of the displays beside the highways, which the state seeds at some expense, end up looking pummelled. A few years ago, the state troopers started ticketing people for it, but it still seems to happen. There are a few places along the highway where on M. D. They have a mowed path down to a circular mowed patch, where you can sit the kids on a bench with a fine display of the flowers spread out behind them... and this usually has a trooper standing there making sure nobody grabs a handfull of them... that's illegal too...


  1. It must be so neat to see them blooming everywhere! I will have to tell my sister to pay attention to them (if she doesn't already)!!! Gorgoeus color! I am jealous!!!

  2. I would like to be there when they bloom! I would be tempted to run though the bluebonnets..........

  3. These are so beautiful. I love the colours of these ~ would love to see them some day. In the meantime, I'll content with endless pictures of my indoor plants, using a quilt as a background;))

  4. You have a lovely state flower. Of all the state flowers, The Texas Bluebonnet seems to be one that most people could name. Besides AZ, (Saguaro blossom)it's the only one I know!