Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rambing around...

Well, I did manage to see some buffalo today...

But then the weather turned on me. Nasty, rainy, and cold...

And then the speaker went out on my GPS... grrrrr....


  1. Ummmm ...i think buffalo live in north USA and Canada .
    Do some people breeding them in Texas.

  2. OMG!!! You saw BUFFALO??? How cool is that? I have never seen any in real life before, and was hoping that somewhere, one day I would see some! I

  3. Ashraf - Wild Buffalo are now confined to the north USA and Canada, but there used to be wild ones in Texas at some times of year - they're migratory by nature. These are raised on a ranch... I've also seen camels, ostrich and I've heard of some people raising rhinoserous!

    Julie - They are pretty cool aren't they?

  4. We have a field of buffalo near us..They sell the meat at a few grocery stores and farmers markets around the area.I have tried it- it has less fat and taste the same as beef to me.