Friday, March 13, 2009


Dispatch snuck in a job at the last minute yesterday, saying only that it was for tomorrow... then I looked at it, and I have to be in Waco TX at 7 am to pic something up. I strongly suspect that it's something you can get at your local Home Depot, but if you want to pay me large amounts of cash to carry it 125 miles, who am I to argue?

No pics today, it's been raining for two solid days, and looks like it's gonna rain all weekend. I'll have my camera with me, but I'm not sure what's to photograph in Waco at 7 am. But, you never know...

Anyway, just dropping in to say hey...


  1. &am on Saturday morning??? Oh, my goodness! I hope you will find something fun to see and also get a great photo or two. I am so sorry about your weather there lately! Isn't it supposed to be perfect spring days there??? Gosh. Well...hang tight...this too shall pass! On to sunnier days.....

  2. That was 7 am on friday morning... The spring rains are typical for TX... it's kind of our little version of a monsoon.