Saturday, March 07, 2009


Well, this darned cactus lamp has been giving me fits. Primarily in the lampshade dept... The plain white lampshade looked too unnatural... the pleated ivory lampshade was the wrong shape... I found a brown burlap one, that looked actually ok... except it was too long and it covered the top of the cactus...

and ultimately, this is an obnoxious lamp, and it needs an obnoxious lampshade...

Then it dawned on me.

It needed a sombrero...

Now, I origionally wanted one of those big velvet ones, with all the embroidery and mirrors on it, but even in the flea markets they run close to $20.00... which is the silliest thing I've ever heard since people go to mexico, bring the thing back and then sell it in the yard sale for a buck because they can't figure out what they're supposed to do with the darned thing when they get it home...

But I got this one untill I can come up with a better one...

What do you think?


  1. Anonymous3:30 AM

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  2. Claude- where are you going to put the lamp???? I think it need the black Mexico hat- keep lookung!!!!!

  3. I love this lamp...I would have it in my room right next to the bed so I could read under it at night and pretend I was in Mexico or AZ!!!

  4. Perfect! However, one of those velvet ones would have been even more perfect.

  5. ...the border rangers will start shooting....