Monday, March 16, 2009

Finally, the sun came out today... the rain was pretty much over yesteday, but no sun, and 45 degrees... Today, it got up to 80, and I loved every minute of it... really, when it comes right down to it, I'm a lizard. I kind of like the heat. Of course, come July and August, don't even try to remind me of that statement, because I'll come back, delete this post and swear you're insane.

But the sun and heat did finally prompt the Mammillaria sonorensis v. craigii to start opening it's buds... still not in it's full glory, but starting to put on a good show...

And a few Sweet Williams started to open up also... I planted this ones ancestors about 6 years ago, and there always seems to be a few around now...
And of course, since Julie showed off her tire planters, I just had to show off mine... You might remember this planter from when I illustrated how to make them in a post last year... click the tag under the posts and you'll find it. I'll take a better pic after I get the mulching and stuff done that I want. In there is an agave, one of the variagated A. americanas, but I don't know which one as I got it from one of those sellers on the side of the road. There's also an O. microdasys and a little sempervivum... I thought the Optunia, with it's little yellow dots would look good against the Agave with it's yellow stripes... both of these plants will get quite big. The sempervivum will spread out to make a ground cover almost, especially if I keep pulling chicks off the others in the yard and planting them in here...

Hope everyone is having a great spring!


  1. Oh, my goodness, Claude...I had no idea your tire was so filled with such beauty!!!! This looks GREAT! I LOVE IT! Did you paint it terracotta color??? It just turned out splendidly!!!

  2. Oh, BTW...congrats on your warm, dry day today!!!

  3. Thanks for the link on how to make a planter from a tire- I am going to try that!

  4. Nice blooms Mammillaria i wait seeds Lol
    beautiful small gardin cacti in tire ,i love it