Tuesday, March 17, 2009

nithing too special...

Nothing too exciting... just posting a few more pics of the back alley...

In the front, is the tire planter. Behind it, is the O. engelmanni that we use every year to make jelly... behind that, you can barely see the spanish bayonet...

This year, I'm mulching with straw. It doesn't look as pretty, but this area would take at least 20 bags of mulch, and it's too darned expensive. The yellow straw will weather down to a gray soon... I know it looks like hell, but it's enviormentally friendly, and anything looks better than johnson grass. NOTHING kills johnson grass except suffocation...

This is the other end of the bed... haven't even started on this end yet... I'm doing all this in the half hour or so of light I have when I get home from work, so it's going rather slowly.

The tree that your seeing at the top of the pic is a peach tree.. it grew up between the shed and the fence from a pit... I know that you're not supposed to grow peach trees from the pit because they won't be any known variety... well this tree produces some of the sweetest cling peaches I've ever ate.


  1. Good job growing htat peach tree from seed!!! How cool is that? We can't have them down here...too hot. Love your big ol prickly pear!!!

  2. Julie is aright about the cool peach tree. I do like the color of the tire!

  3. Hi claude

    The cacti is Echinocereus pectinatus v rubispinus

    Nice day

  4. That's a large tree started from a pit. How old is it?
    We can grow several varieties of peaches here, depending on the number of chilling hours called for. Most don't produce a lot. However, in Pinal County, They grow orchards of them. It's a bit cooler at night there.