Saturday, January 10, 2009

A week in review

well, it's been an interesting week I suppose.

After 2 short holiday weeks, and consequently short paychecks... (couriers get paid by delivery, not by the hour) I went back to work in need of the cash... The two days before Christmas were ok, but the factories were winding down and not delivering much of anything, and the two days between Christmas and New Years were worse.

Monday was OK, just freezing rain. Then Tuesday was just dreary, and the rest of the week started out cold in the mornings, humid, and hot in the afternoons... A weather situation that isn't particularly nice for those of us who have sinus situations. I'm one of them...

But a few things to mention, remember that bright magenta house I first mentioned in this post...
I had mentioned again that I had seen it, and it was for rent... well I drove by it today and it's been rented. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, it's also been painted. A light dove gray... Before it was a unique little shot-gun house, now it's just another house in an alltogether not great part of town. So... glad I saw it when it was there, but now I can forget it...

Friday, I was on the highway when the funeral procession went by for Dallas Police officer Norman Smith. He was shot last Tuesday when trying to serve a warrant on a man... here's a link to a news story about him...
The funeral procession was miles long, I didn't see all of it, but I did see police cars from all over Texas, where individual cities had sent officers to pay their respects. I pulled off the highway onto the frontage road and stood by my truck as it passed, along with a bunch of other people on the road.

Nothing else much happened this week...


  1. Very seldom do I see anyone pull over and wait untill the procession is over. It was a requirement when I grew up... Sorry the little house lost it's idenity ... It's a year for changes!!!!

  2. Oh, I am sorry about the magenta was so great in that color! You would have loved living there, I'm sure. I am gonna be watching to see if you can possibly forget about that little house completely...if you are like me, I will keep it in mind and keep checking back to see what the future still holds for it!
    You will probably pass by in your travels with work from time to would have been nice to see the inside at least once, wouldn't it???!!! I would like to see a pic of it in it's new color!

  3. I wonder if the landlord painted it to get more potential renters. Not everyone would appreciate a magenta house. I loved it, but I'd be run out of the neighborhood (HOA and all) if I painted my house anything but the bland desert-like colors so common here.
    One thing about shooting a police officer--you can bet that guy will get some punishment instead of being mollycoddled through the system as a victim of his childhood and given a light sentence. I'm sick of reading about murderers getting just a few years because they were abused at one point.