Monday, January 19, 2009

So, what do y'all think?

Work has been very challenging lately, and not entirely profitable. In this economy, it's to be expected, and fortunately, I didn't fall into the credit card trap that many of my aquaintances did... so I'm all right... But I'm also cutting out most non-essential stuff.

Which makes a lot of things really boring.

True, I have projects... I've been saving used windows for a while now, often gettting them from the side of the road on trash day when people are remodeling, and by this time next year, I expect to have repurposed them into a working greenhouse. Knock on wood.

But, here's what I want to know about... One of the local high schools is offering some adult education courses. I think I'm particularly interested in one of the creative writing courses. It would be an online course. I used to work at a magazine, and I was published once a month there for about 2 years, but that was about 15 years ago. Besides, when it comes right down to it, I never fealt really confident as a writer. And looking over some of my past blog entries, (yes, this is an informal blog and nobody out there is expecting great literature,) they're really just not up to snuff...

The courses aren't expensive, under a $100 bucks, but then I come up against my inate distaste for spending money on myself when I should be spending it more responsibly. It just feels selfish.

But I'm thinking maybe that this course might jump-start me again, maybe get me out of a bit of a rut.

So, I'm probably just thinking out loud, via a keyboard, and I've about convinced myself to go ahead and do it, but does anybody think that this is a complete waste of money or maybe a good idea?


  1. If you were going on a lavish trip, or buying a new yacht, I would say that could be something else...but this course will be wonderful for you! I would go for it all the way!!! It is never a waste to invest in your own self!!!

  2. Hey Claude...I think of you when I see these mushroom photos over at Green Man! He gets some great stuff, and went on a mushroom/fungus cool is that?????

  3. Claude,
    If you didn't fall into the debt trap, then what do you mean, "spend your money more responsibly"? You have a right to spend money on yourself! Go for it. If you owed money on credit cards, car payments, mortgage payments, etc. and were late on them, then that would be irresponsible spending. Enjoy the course!

  4. Don't leave this earth having any regrets! Relieve yourself of guilt by paying yourself $100 for the found windows!

  5. Yeah, I'll probably sign up for the course tonight. I'm thinking of going ahead and getting some actual college credit corses on-line too, but these first, to get back in the swing of actually studying and working at it again.

    Pudgeduck... good idea... but I wouldn't actually pay anybody more than $20 bucks for old used windows, so I'm not sure that it would work either!