Tuesday, January 27, 2009

so, the freezing rain started in about 1 pm... And as if that weren't bad enough, the blower on my heater went out, so I was driving around freezing my back end off...

Well, no work tomorrow, as I'm not going to be doing any driving without my heater. My bones are too old for that sort of thing... Of course, I know that there will probably be several people out there who desperately need a couple of cases of toilet paper delivered across the ice, but they're going to have to get it done without me.

No pics today, entirely too dreary to even think about it... but maybe I'll get enough sun to photograph some cactus sickles...

Not the most upbeat post, for which I apologize, but I can't quite force myself to be cheerful right now...


  1. It is too cold there, my sister says! YIKES...I feel for you! It would be fun to see cactus sickles though!!! LOL. Have a relaxing and fun day tomorrow...hey maybe you could bake something warm and eat it all up! Oh...and don't forget to make a big pot of hot soup!!! I wish I could take tomorrow off...I am actually quite jealous!!!

  2. OOOH . Claude i hope you happy now

    i am very sad to many cacti are die.LOL