Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fort Worth Botanical garden...

Had a few minutes off in Fort Worth today, so I went to the botanical garden. Most of Texas this time of year is a study in brown, tan and the occasional vauge green... it has it's own beauty, but I wanted to see if I could find some color...

Now I took about 30 pics just walking around... The pictures got all out of order, and I don't really have time right now to straighten it out, so please excuse the randomness...

From the "4 seasons garden," a winter blooming helleborus, aka Christmas Rose.

From the cactus garden, which is rather disappointing IMO, as there are at least 50 different cactus species that are winter hardy here, and the botanic garden has out about 4... All the other cactus are stored in the greenhouse, bare rooted for the winter. This is a Texas Horse Crippler, Echinocactus texensis... I have one of these in my rock garden, a tiny little guy about 3 inches across... this is an ancient one, actually only 2 heads of the 5 headed plant they have...
This is the view from the top of the Rose Pavilion, down the hill over the rose garden. It's amazing in the late spring, when everything is in bloom, but still nice right now...

This is the bottom looking up the hill...

This is the cactus house. You have to have an appointment to go in and see the plants up close...

This is from the other end... the two tall plants in front are Carnegea gigantia... Saguaros! Only 2 feet tall. But they'll get there in about a hundred years or so...

I found this little guy soaking up some rays...

...on the leaves of this plant, the Texas tuberose. Actually a member of the agave family, properly called Manfreda variegata.

And this is a further view of the Rose pavillion...

Really just a quick post... I'm kinda on the run tonight, but I didn't want to forget ya'all.


  1. Thank claude to photos
    but I was think Texas is homeland to Carnegea gigantia... Saguaros

    i see 2 plants in pot and Protected

  2. Ashraf... Saquaros do grow in Texas, west and South of here, but locally, they cannot survive the humidity in the summer, or the cold temps in the winter. They're much more common in Arizona.


    they are producing many seed

    you are lucky ,can take seeds
    i want it 3m for long... LOL

  4. You should come to our Deset Botanical Garden if you ever get to Phoenix. It is especially nice this time of year--we haven't had any freezing temps to date, so everything is still green, and many things are budding out already. In a couple of weeks, we'll have loads of color. How long will it be before Texas pulls out of the brown and tan phase?

  5. Ususally our last frost is the middle of March... and there's usually a cold snap at the begining of March... The countryside will wait till then to start to green up, but the daffodils and tulips will be up and going in Feb.

  6. Anonymous10:19 PM

    Yes, I was surprised at the brown/tan look when I was there. It was beautiful to me though, since I never see that here! I loved the trees there, and it was so rural looking and smelling. Just loved it there, Claude. My sister is so lucky to be there!!!

    Your Botanical Garden looks really nice! They need to beef up their cactus there in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area though! I was seriously saddened to see nearly non-existant cactus in the wild around there!!! LOL. :)