Thursday, January 29, 2009

Freezing Fog

Well, no freezing rain today, today we had freezing fog... very dense freezing fog... btw... that isn't a late setting moon in the pic, that's the sun...
and these are some native scrub oaks looking spooky...

Basically, driving on frozen fog is like driving on a very heavy frost... fortunately, most of yesterdays ice had thawed before sunset, otherwise the roads would have been full of wrecks from people not being able to see the icy roads... there were still a few ice patches here and there, but by 10 AM the sun had burned the worst of the fog off, and it turned into a nice, sunshiny day...


  1. What is so outstanding in these photos is the oak trees...great shot in the first picture! That is an amazingly thick fog...I doubt I have ever been in anything like that before!!!

  2. You should frame the 2nd photo!! Love it! Great pictures!!

  3. I am trying to contact Claude because he had a chili pequin plant last summer, and I am trying to find either a chili pequin plant or still-viable seeds. Some of my earliest memories are of repeatedly sneaking across the street (at 3 years of age) and devouring all of the "ornamental peppers" on the neighbor's plant (first when they were green and then when they were red, and I cried, and I still loved them).

  4. Nice photos. This is something I've never seen or heard of--freezing fog. My son in Denver was telling me about the freezing snow there recently, and described as like rice pellets. I hadn't heard of that before either! Maybe I need a change.

  5. Martha... I would be happy to send you either... the seeds are a little difficult to sprout though. I will probably have a few small plants I could send out, but I won't really know until the end of march or beginning of april... a few weeks after our last frost.

    Aiyana - freezing fog isn't that common here, but we get it about once a year. It's really kind of neat... as long as you're not driving.

    Pudgeduck - I have a whole file of pics that I should frame... and not enough walls for them... LOL

    Julie... Those scrub oaks are really one of my favorite trees... these are taller and thinner than most, due to the fact that they're growing so close together so they're competing for sun...

  6. They are beautiful rather spooky pictures!