Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Just driving...

just some quick pics of what I saw driving around today... first of all, I found some of that little stick-on velcro, so that I could take pocket buddha with me everywhere...

Second, there was this tree growing in a vacant lot... some kind of juniper I think... It has a fantastically colored trunk, pealing bark and gray foilage. Does anybody out there know what kind of tree this is... because I really like it...

And some cactus by the roadside.

And not much else today... Really wasn't a great day at work, but pocket buddha kept reminding me to be happy...


  1. Oh found some cactus in Dallas area!!!!! Yeah!

    Wish I knew your tree...but I do not.

    Buddha looks great on your dash. I need to find my little orange guy and get him up there also! If I ever do find him, I will show him to ya on my blog!

  2. Even enlarged, I couldn't see the foliage clearly enough to even guess. At first, when seeing the trunk bark, I thought some species of Eucalyptus, but from a distance, the foliage appears more needle-like.
    I have a friend who also did the same thing with a buddha. She also has a St. Christopher statue and several other little statues attached to her car dash. Just too much for me! Yours looks cute though, sitting there by himself, center of the show.

  3. Claude - thanks for popping by my blog. Fun post! We are of a similar mind - my wife's car has a spring-mounted Chinese Buddha (Ho Toy type) sitting with his hands folded in his lap, beaming smile on his face. When we hit just the right road surface, he starts bouncing up and down at about 1000 beats per minute. It looks like he's "pleasuring himself" and drives us to hilarious tears.

    As for the tree, looks like an Arizona cypress (Cupressus glabra) to which the genus Juniperus is a close cousin. Here's a link to some google images. Won't stake my paycheck on it, but it seems right.

  4. I blogged about a stand of trees I saw in Hawaii-They were paintbrush eucalyptus- ??

  5. WOW! Your little Buddha reminded me that to be happy is more often a conscious decision than a situational reaction. Inspired by you I'll get one for me too.