Thursday, January 08, 2009

I think we got it...

In reference to the tree in the previous post...

Thanks everybody... It's definitely not a Eucalyptus... there are only two species that will grow here, both small and not that winter hardy, they usually have to be replaced every few years.

Billy, from Garden Wise Guy... See the blog on the list to the right, says Cupressus glabra, but the sources say it has dark reddish bark and this is definitely light gray bark which makes it more likely to be Cupressus arizonica Either way, it's commonly known as an Arizona Cyprus.

Finally had a decent day at work... lots of orders and, hopefully, lots of money for the ole paycheck... and hopefully it will be buzy tomorrow too. After the short paid holiday weeks, I need cash!

No pics today though... just no time.

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