Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Well, finally some pics... not great ones though.

Didn't see much that was too interesting, but I was bound and determined to find something to photograph, then I saw that the frost was still in the shady areas, and I took some pics of some weeds with the frost on them...

The top one is wild mustard... I think. The bottom is henbit, or maybe chickweed... I'm not sure to be truthful. I know that if I see it in my yard I attack it with a frenzy, but out in a field it's kinda cool...

Work finally more or less petered out for the week. Nothing will be happening tomorrow, so I won't be working... and I won't be going out for New Years Eve... I worked in too many bars to even find it amusing.

We used to call in Amateur Night. People who, under normal circumstances couldn't bring themselves to choke down so much as a glass of wine will show up on New Years Eve and get absolutely smashed. Something about the ongoing stress of the holiday season I'm sure, but after you've spent a few years pouring people into cabs, well - the thrill is gone.

I'll stay home and eat Cabbage & taters with some smoked pork... and baked black-eyed peas. And since the oven will be on, might as well make some corn bread... That oughta satisfy all my ancestral requirements.

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  1. ohhhh... frost is horror to cacti and succulent.
    Happy new years Claude