Sunday, December 14, 2008

a new week ahead...

Well, the dang truck is back, with a brand new fuel pump... which I couldn't afford, primarily because it's this time of year...

I did get to take some stuff to the Flea Market today, some Gorham Crystal bowls, and some Fitz & Floyd China, plus some other odds and ends that have been sitting here underfoot.

Mom called, and she and my sister have been asked to put together a small cookbook that a charity group will be passing out to some financially challenged families. These recipes are supposed to taste good and be cheap. (If anybody out there has any suggestions, we would be glad to have them...)

What started all this, is that the church groups that formed the core of this charity will often hand out donated foods to the needy, only to find out that the needy had no idea what to do with some of these things... Mom and my sister both have gotten used to answering phone calls like... "we just got in 50 lbs of kolrabi, (or spagetti squash, or rutabegas, etc...) and nobody knows what to do with them... " and they can both come up with 3 or 4 recipes for the charities to photo-copy up and hand out with them. And if they can't, there's well over a hundred recipe books floating around here, we'll come up with something.

I was called, because everybody in my family knows that when I was a young bachelor, I managed to feed myself on less than $20.00 a week, Actually, I could have afforded more, but I was desperately saving my money for a specific purpose. Anyway, they're kind of hoping I'll be able to come up with some penny-pinching tips. So, there we are. Hint 1: I can make soup out of anything...

They're wanting a few paragraphs on the basics. I may publish it here to test it if you're interested keep your eyes open.

And that's it for this week... I didn't see one darned thing to take a pic of, so here's this...


  1. I would contribute a recipe, but sad to say, I don't shop or cook. I don't know what's cheap anymore since my spouse does all the shopping and cooking. I had an executive job for many years and never knew when I'd be home, so he took up both shopping and cooking. I've since retired, but certainly don't have any inclination to do either ever again!

  2. LOL on Aiyanas response! I feel almost the same way. I do love my crock pot and will do something occasionally in it. I get my crock pot recipes all online! There are so many there!

    I was so close to where you live, but had such a whirlwind trip! I wish we could have met at Pioneer Park or Frys! The dangerous store!!! LOL. I see what you mean by that though!!! What a great place!

    I was sad not to find more freely growing cactus around town there, but I didn't. I thought my bro-in-law was kidding me when he said I would not find a cactus there!!! He was nearly right! These prickly pears were the only thing I saw!!! LOL.

    Oh well.

  3. I feel your pain- we just replaced the fuel pump on our truck!
    Just gave the last of my Fitz&Floyd Christmas pieces.I should shop your store for more!
    Can't think of a cheaper meal than- Rack of Spam
    2 cans Spam
    10-12 cheese wedges
    Cut spam to open like a fan. Inserts cheese and bake at 400 till melted.Garnish w/ something.