Saturday, December 06, 2008

The store...

Had to go to the Flea Markets annual Christmas Pot-luck tonight. I don't like pot lucks in general... The whole point of being invited to go out to dinner is that I don't have to cook, and then, dangit, I have to cook something.... Grrrrr....
anyway, I took pasta salad. I never really use a recipe for this, because it's too easy... Cook a package of pasta - sea-shell, bowtie, tortellini... whatever.
Chop up veggies... tonight it was one cucumber, a small onion, a carrot, celery and a tomato.
Mix together with the pasta, and enough ranch dressing to coat everything. (you can use blue cheese instead... and you can add a couple of chopped up hard boiled eggs if you want)
you're done.
Now, I know that I talk a lot on here about the store, so I figured you might want to see it...

here's my booth in the flea market...

I know it looks like an unholy mess, but believe it or not, you sell more out of booths like this than you do out of the over decorated ones. I guess if people wanted to go to a boutique, they'd be at a boutique... not a flea market.

And that's all I had pics of.

Not too impressive, huh?


  1. It looks wonderful! I sure wish I could do something like this! I would be so happy.

  2. I think that the plain, sort of cluttered booths get more action because people seem to assume they will find an underpriced treasure. The decorated ones always seem to have overpriced items.
    I agree with you on potlucks. I usually just buy something at the deli and put it in one of my bowls. I hate to cook!

  3. very nice market, you have many things where cacti