Sunday, December 28, 2008

There's a buddha in my pocket...

Christmas brought some old friends into town. I spent yesterday afternoon and evening running around with Nicole who now lives in San Francisco. Of course we had to visit the Thompkins cemetery, because she's heard me talking about the graveyard in the middle of the highway for a while, but had never seed it, and she is a member of a computer group that tracks historic graveyards on the web... I've posted about this one before, if you want to know more, click

Then we went to dinner and decided to visit the HUGE Half-Price Book Store in Dallas. It's the big, main store of the chain, and no matter what you're looking for in the way of printed material, you can probably find it there. But one thing I did find was this... a Pocket Buddha!

Cute little guy... he is a happiness Buddha. He certainly made me happy, it's strange how a little plastic figure less than 2 inches tall can amuse you so much...

there are six different ones... Harmony, Peace, Wisdom, Love, Happiness and Faith.

I hope his presence on my blog spreads a little happiness around... a little extra happiness is a good thing. I'll probably set him with Little Gothic Bob, or maybe I'll find a little spot on the dash of the truck for him.


  1. OMG! I bought a Buddha like yours except I had the one that is orange!!! I could not resist it! I found mine at Urban Outfitters! I had set it on my dash, and come to think of it, I don't know where he has disappeared to! I best go out and look under the seats. I sure like your gold colored one!!!

  2. I've seen these little Buddhas in Barnes and Noble and I almost bought one as I also thought they were so cute. Then, I talked myself out of it--I just don't need any more tchotchkes. But, looking at yours...
    Hope you have a healthy and happy New Year!

  3. Well he made me smile! Friends at Christmas- the best!!!