Friday, December 05, 2008

no real point in the pic... I just got this card in the mail and I thought it was funny...

Anyway, this week is finally over. Not a good week at all... just way slow. I'm afraid that with the economy like it is, everything is slowing down. I'm not doing any more document jobs, documents are now e-mailed or faxed. It used to be on Fridays, I delivered payrolls... but now the accountant sends a file through e-mail and they plug it in and print the checks on site. So, I'm running around doing shlock work.

and not terribly much of that...

In all honestly, courier work is what you do while you're looking for a job you want. Unfortunately, with the unemployment figures that came out today, I'm not sure that there's going to be an actual job worth having out there. And the people that are hiring, warehouses and such, are going to just lay off after the holiday season. This is not a good time, so I find myself in the position of trying to keep a job that I never really wanted to begin with... and I'm going to stop kvetching now...


  1. Hang in least it gives you time to keep looking and the ability to find something you will love. I wish you could open a cactus nursery...I would buy plants from you! Especially if you have some pachypodiums! LOLOL!
    Sounds like both of our weeks were less than desirable! I work in the field also and at least we can stop and smell the roses outdoors sometimes. I need to do it more often. I love when you show pics of things you find in the woods or parks. It's funny...when I get stressed, the one thing I want to do other than buy a new succulent plant! God...what is my problem!!! LOL. Forgive my going on and on...I am drinking one of my husbands beers and I am getting is called Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale. It is very good. Hope all my spelling is OK! to you later! Hey...see if you can find some mushrooms to photograph this weekend. I will look for some too!

  2. oh claude... it is problem i say that in news good luck in new year

  3. Claude,
    Thanks for visiting and commenting :) That's important for me.
    I red your post - you seem to be little sad, aren't you?
    I was thinking, that maybe you could see website of Joe Vitale - at the first sight guy looks weird, but reading his stuff is very uplifting - in whatever you dream of.

    Try to concentrate of positive things you luike in your life - this really brings changes.
    This has worked miracles for me...
    and this is what I wish to you for Christmas and new year :)