Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Well, I did it and I'm not gonna apologize for it...

Anyway, I had a seriously bad day yesterday. It was one of those bright, sunshiney beautiful days, the temperature was good, and I was in such a foul mood that I couldn't bring myself to enjoy any of it. I don't know exactly what put me in a mood, but I was just driving around, wanting it to be as hideous outside as I felt inside.

This morning I woke up, and I felt a lot better.

But my last delivery was to Dallas Love Field Airport, at 5:15 pm and I was not, under any circumstances, going to drive home in the middle of rush hour. Fortunately, I was close to one of the bars I used to work in, so I stopped by to see some old friends and relax until I could make it home. Well, next door, there is this store. They had a whole bunch of stuff on 75% of the lowest price. I am now the proud owner of a 3 foot tall gargoyle and a larger than life size vulture. Why? They appealed to the used-to-be-gothic me.

Besides. I wanted them. I tried to get the people in the bar to talk me out of it... but they were no help what-so-ever, so blame them. I've had a bad couple of weeks, and next week is my birthday, and I deserve them.

Now, I just have to talk myself out of the guilt I get every time I spend money on myself.

I'll get pics soon... maybe we'll have a name the vulture contest.

And to top it all off... remember the house I was talking about back in this post...
well, I drove by it again today, and it's for rent. I'm dying to find out how much. I don't think I'd actually move in, but the possibilites... there's absolutely no garden there now, think what I could do with agave's and those purple black sweet potato vines...

anyway, I'll talk to you later...


  1. Can't wait to see your new gothic goodies!!! birthday is Oct. 18...when is yours??? I am having a big get-away for my birthday...hey you deserve all the stuff you work hard for a few fun things here and there!
    I hope you get the house if you want to! It sure is a cute little bugger! I like the color of it also! I agree life is too short for beige...

  2. hey julie... My birthday is the 15th. I'm not gonna say how old I am except that I'm too old to be buying silly things, but I buy them anyway. As for the house, I don't know that I want to move into it as much as I want to plant around it...

  3. Maybe you can sell your goth stuff if you still have second thoughts--on your proposed Blogger store. I'm curious. How come Ebay is not viable any longer for the collectibles market? Fee changes?

  4. Aiyanna - I could write a book on what ebay has done to make themselves unwelcome to smaller sellers... to sum it up, the new CEO, Donahoe, has made many public statements that he doesn't like ebays "flea market" atmosphere. There are fee hikes, the star rating system, feedback changes, paypal (owned by ebay) changes, and search priority changes have all combined to make it impossible for a small seller to survive.

    Furthermore, while small sellers have to pay fees to list, larger sellers, like don't, so they're able to flood the listings with hundreds of auctions that don't sell. And sometimes, when you try to look at these auctions, you get a "invalid item" window.

  5. Have you found out the rent cost ? You should go for it - and make the garden a show place!!!!--Then have garden tours-you would be a great host!!!