Sunday, October 12, 2008

I changed the blog name.

I went ahead and did it... Although, I must say I've been leaning more towards the Random Rants part of the name lately... need to get back to the plants.

Eventually, not today...

Will be changing the booth in the flea market to one closer to the front, where there are some dealers who are in there all the time, and everything will just be a little more secure.

As for the store blog... soon. I've got to get some other things organized first... I've got to figure out the pricing and keywords on the google ads, things like that... Don't worry, I'll announce the opening here so you can all go see just what kind of stuff I sell, and tell me what an awful job I'm doing...


  1. Oh, listen...jusding by the vulture and gargoyle...I will absolutely LOVE your stuff!!! LOL. :)

  2. Julie is right-we can't wait to see your stuff!!

  3. This should be fun! You have a unique style, so I'll be curious to see your stuff. However, I do realize you probably sell what you can--not necessarily what you like. As I said before, the blog name is perfect!