Sunday, October 05, 2008

Feeling a little hacked off...

But then, that seems to be a semi-permanent condition around here... but what set me off this time is the Flea Market...

So I go in to take in some pocket knives. Really nice ones, if you're into them... but in a flea market situation they absolutely, positively have to be locked up. They'll walk away or someone will let a four year old play with them. So I get to my showcase and it has been broken into. And someone managed to shoplift a $100 Hull vase. I had it marked a hundred, actually it's worth a little bit more, but this is a flea market.

Now, how somebody managed to get a 15 inch tall piece of pottery out the front door after splitting the wood on a showcase without attracting any attention is beyond me... actually, I have a pretty good idea, but we'll get to that later.

The point is, that I cannot take 100 dollar losses. I will not tolerate them.

Now, the really interesting thing about all this is, that in that showcase, there are turquoise and sterling rings, several really nice sterling and silver plate pieces, and a couple of good watches. In other words, several things that are much more likely to tempt the average drug addict who's looking for something to hock than Hull pottery. Hull is a rather specialized collectible, and not readily hock-able. Which means there was a really really avid collector with a really really large purse, or there is another dealer in there who was packing something extra in their "empty" boxes when they left after restocking their boothl. I'm afraid the latter is more likely.

I have informed the owners that they either need to get security cameras, or they can put me in a new booth by the cash register where they can keep an eye on it. Either that, or I'm going to have to move out. They don't want that, as I have some of the best stuff in there. My eye for the unique and unusual keeps that booth full of fun stuff.

But anyway, I've spent the day wanting to rip somebodies throat out with my teeth...

Thanks for letting me get it off my chest. I feel much better now...


  1. Oh my God! WOW! Damn idiots! Doesn't the place where you keep your stuff have a responsibility to protect your stuff? I would think so. I think they owe you 100dollars at a minimum! If you do have to move out...I would take them to small claims court! I would call police and take pictures for you have documented evidence, and you can prove that they are not protecting your stuff. Don't get mad...get even!!! LOL. Hang tight! Drink a few beers for tonight and just chill.

  2. this is almost as bad as the bailout! I have a lot of rage going on over that and now your rip off!! You have to get them!!!!You have to get mad to get even- we have to do something -I guess I'll try a beer to calm down!

  3. I can understand how you would be pissed off! Just the thought of getting ripped off sends me into a rage. I've worked hard in my life and the thought of others just stealing what they want leads me to want to commit violence, and not in proportion to the crime. I wonder what has happened in this society that so many people think they can take what they want? I'm no pacifist when it comes to getting even! Ok. That's enough. Julie probably has the right idea. Have a few beers. Sometimes I wish I drank!

  4. julie...

    there is no legal responsibility on their part to provide any more than the basic security. Big posted signs, not responsible for damage due to loss, accident or theft. Quite frankly if they were, they'd be out of bussiness in a week.

    Pudgeduck - I've found an increasing amount of people walking around at a slow burn. It's not good for us... but when the taxpayers are paying for a bunch of wal-street idiots mistakes, it's gonna happen.

    Aiyanna - It's never too late to start drinking. Truly an equal opportunity vice...