Sunday, August 04, 2013


 Well, haven't been around as much.  Like i mentioned in a previous post, the flea market born closed and reopened somewhere else.  The sales are good, but it is an  open air booth.  Nothing like sitting under a metal carport in a gravel parking lot in the first 2 weeks of August (traditionally the hottest 2 weeks of the the year) to test your mettle.

Between moving 'fine items of decorative interest' (aka junk) sitting around and sweating, and trying to do everything else, I really did not have time for my phone to give up the ghost, but there we are.

So, new android, and this one at least let's me use the blogger AP.  The other one I had to use bloggeroid, which was a good AP,  but limited in how large my posts could be, which is why there were alot of little paragraphs posted over the last year or so.

The only thing about mobile blogging is the damn word correct, which keeps replacing my perfect (cough,  cough) clear text with the strangest possible vocabulary.  Honesty, words I've never used in my life will show up out of nowhere...

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  1. auto correct is such a pain, but i still use it because I think it corrects my bad spelling more than changes it to strange stuff! Who knows. Sometimes the corrections can be funny as hell!