Thursday, August 29, 2013

Finally... a plant post

Although, as plant posts go, its not that impressive.

This is one of those teardrop shaped hanging water globes, the kind you used to see a lot of in the 70's.  Actually, those memories of them from my childhood is probably why I bought it for a dollar when I saw at Goodwill. 

People would put an "ivy" in them (meaning pothus) or any one of those standard twiny plants that root easily in water.  Very occasionally, I'd see them in the 80's with a betta fish.  Which always kind of annoyed me, because, as a general rule, fish shouldn't be airborne...

Anyway, I bought it and then I got a case of acute indifference and it sat around in the way for about 6 months.  This morning it got a little too much in the way.  So I took a cutting off a Syngonium(the tag says Nephthytis 'Exotic Allusion' which is surprising that it's an actual named variety because it looks pretty much Like the standard nephthytis to me) and I put in there. 

But it wouldn't stand up right, kept trying to tip out.

So I found some of those 'water pearls' that I had.  I got those at Dollar Tree, where everything is one dollar, originally I got them to mix into the putting soil of hanging planters.  They help keep the plants moist and I don't have to  water 5 times a day.  Supposedly, they're biodegradable, but I don't know what they're made from so I'm reserving judgment.  Put those in there, and there we go.

About 2 bucks total... not bad,huh?


  1. Oh, that thing is awesome! I love how it has three openings!!! Your blue water makes it look so pretty! Is it hanging by fishing line??? I love this and was just thinking of something to hang in my bathroom window as I have a hook up in center of window, but haven't had anything in there for years. I will keep my eye out now. I have tons of pothos right outside my front door!

    1. Hey Julie... yeah. It's on fish line. The water isn't blue. It's those little round water pearls. They're about the size of pin heads till you put them in water they swell up. They're good for standing up flowers in weird shape vases too