Friday, October 31, 2014

When it rains it pours

And sometimes that's a good thing.   Just got cast for several days on a new movie.  Will have to go in for costume fittings Monday... shooting Wednesday and Thursday.   So I won't be working day labor ( with the immediate pay) next week... I'll have to wait two weeks for the check... that's 210 + 15 costume bump and 15 haircut bump, -taxes.  I got it covered tho.  This day job I have now has already given me 40 hours,  and Saturday will pay me 9 hours overtime.  And the check from astronaut wives club just came in. 

All I have to cover is my rent and some food... so I'm good.  And since St Vincent's finally fixed their community kitchen, I can cook my own stuff for cheap, and of course, on the set you are fed.  Very Very well fed. 

Of course after next week it's back to the temp grind.  There will be more filming days coming up on this project over the next 2 month's.  I'm not supposed to give out many details, and they keep us from doing that by not giving us many. 

Its called Geostorm, as far as I can tell it's a sci-fi disaster kind of thing,  and I'll be NASA mission control. .. other than that, can't tell you much...cause I don't know anything else. 


  1. All great news!!! Yayyy!!! This acting deal sound like so fun! And I would love it if they fed me good, too! LOL. I don't know why but when I read that, I had a vision of a cruise ship, with the non-stop food! Great benefit!!!! Hehe. (I like eating)...:)

  2. Good job, Claude!