Wednesday, October 29, 2014

And life goes on

All right folks... disaster averted... not homeless.  Too close for my taste... but there we are... lots of things are happening in my life tho...,

I am of course watching American Horror Story this year.  Turns out its being filmed down the street, about 3 blocks away, and one of the stars, Mat Fraser, whip plays seal boy is living in the neighbourhood.   I've seen him twice now, and yesterday he was set the coffee house where I get my cafe au lait when I have the funds for a $4 cup of coffee (not lately) but I didn't see him because I was at work. 

You read right... work... day Labour people FINALLY came through... at the last minute on my last day. 

Grunt work for grunt pay, but it's a three week job.

They're turning a 1920's bank building into condos, and I do things like scrape the walls for the plaster crew, move materials up 18 flights, sweep floors... you know... grunt work.  And I thankfully get underpaid every day.

So.  There we are. 

This is the fire escape stairwell.  As access stairs they're actually impressive.  Marble floors, and under that bad 1940s green enamel paint, those stair banisters are solid copper. 
In modern stairs, you're lucky if you get unpainted drywall, these are being replastered, and yes, ive scraped all 18 floors of it.  Not fun.

You see,  after Katrina and Gustav,  so many people had left NOLA that businesses didn't have workers... so the businesses relocated.  This left downtown a wasteland if empty buildings, and many of them are now being repurposed into condos or apartments. 

And of course, tbey have major cool architectural details.... and solid bronze elevator doors.

And stuff.

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  1. Oh, so glad for you Claude! The architectural stuff is so beautiful. Hope they keep it. Sounds like hard work. Gosh. Just be careful. Don't hurt you darn back or get any hernias! Serious!!!!! :)