Wednesday, October 15, 2014

All before noon

So... yesterday I went to apply at a temp agency.  Was told I couldn't apply because lightning had struck the building and their computers were fried, could I please come back today?  Well there had been a storm Monday night, so ok...

So, I went this morning.  Was told that I needed to fill out an online questionnaire.  No,  They don't provide internet access to do that, But there is a public library 1 mile away.  (I'm sorry, but 1.  If you require applicants to do online questionnaires you should have internet to do that, 2. You could have told me this yesterday so I could have done this last night, and do you really expect the unemployed to walk a mile to do your questionaire?)y

Anyway... I walked about 3 blocks and found a little coffee house ran by the Catholic church and walked in, because many of the coffee houses have internet access for a small fee.  This one didn't,  but when I asked if there was anyplace around that did because I needed to use it for a job application,  a nun grabbed me, and escorted me to the office and sat me down in front of a computer with a cup of coffee.

I then proceeded to answer a gazillion idiotic questions,  maybe 10% of which had something to do with an actual job The rest of them various permutations of 'Are you a crack head?'

Seriously... no matter how many times you ask, and no matter how you ask, the answer is goin to be... no I don't do crack.  Or meth.  Or heroin or anything else you need be concerned about.  And quite frankly, after you've asked me 12 times, you're starting to piss me off, and I'm wondering if you're on crack. 

Finally got thru,  checked the clock, and I had time to get back because they stopped doing intake at 10 am.  Got there at 9:55.  Receptionist looked at me all surprised and said, "you've finished it?" 

"Yes Ma'am"

"Well... she left to do a job fair... can you come back tomorrow?"

I pointed out the sign that said they only do intake on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

"Oh... I'll tell her about you, it'll be fine..."

So, I've now spent big chunks of 2 days on this damn temp service, and we're looking at more tomorrow.  Fun. 

Then I started walking back and I was waylaid on the sidewalk by a woman who may or may not have been drunk at 10 am, but she was definitely feeling just FINE! And she had felt compelled to chase me down to tell me that I looked just like that girl in the TV show... I don't know which girl, but she evidently is 6 foot tall and has a 5 o'clock shadow.

And then... a couple more blocks of walking and a blank eyed man with a beard dyed the most astonishing shade of fuchsia felt called upon to tell me that I looked like a swan.  He seemed happy about it... so I'll assume it was a compliment. 

And I may have to change the route I walk tho...

Did take some pics in my meanderings tho...  another hand painted vehicle...

And pool noodles + frisbee makes a lovely pop art flower. 

And just to put a cherry on the cake of it all....

Its my birthday.


  1. oh Claude - I wish your day was a little better since it was your birthday and all...but it could have been worse. So, Happy Birthday!

  2. Oh lord, Claude! Happy Birthday!!! I had forgotten that yours is a few days before mine! Mine is this Saturday! It's an interesting world, that New Orleans! If you ran into those people on the street that were high, just walking back home, it's no wonder they question people to death on the questionnaires! Right??? Good grief! I wish you the best of luck tomorrow back at the temp agency, and I'm quite sure a really fun/perfect/interesting job is right around the corner! God bless that nun! I applied for a job on Monday. I checked back with personnel there today to make sure they had everything they needed, and they did, so now it is a waiting usual.....oh, BTW, I was showing my grandson the interesting cars you are posting from around there with words and artwork, and he loved it. I also showed him your crocheted skulls and he LOVED them. Then I showed him all your Goth Bobs, and he wasn't too sure what to think of them at all. It was so cute!

  3. Happy Birthday, Claudette! Haha, I couldn't resist!