Thursday, October 16, 2014

And the saga continues...

So... just to share the continuing job hunting drama...  as I mentioned yesterday, I was told to call in this morning.  So I did. 

And I was basically told to not bother them untill next Tuesday. 

So... just to make myself clear... this is a day labor service.   This is grunt work... sweeping warehouses, cleaning construction sites, ripping out old carpet in hotels.  The advantage to this work is that it pays the same day you do it.  But nobody is mistaking this for a career or even a real job.  This is cash, slightly over minimum wage.  To be blunt... when I worked in warehouses before, this kind of work was usually handed to any vagrant that came by, but big companies hire this labor through services like this.  I should also point out that men working in factories part-time, use services like this for a little extra cash on their days off.   And drunks and addicts on the street use these services to get extra cash, which just shows you how stupid the "are you a meth head?" questionnaire is.

Well, despite the fact that I was instructed to call and then treated like I was a nuisance, I suddenly developed an intense stubborn streak... and I decided there are more than one way to skin a cat and looked over the papers that I was given.

This company, national company actually, has three offices locally, and one of them does intake on Thursday.  So I schlep my tookas to a bus stop, get to the office, and there's a sign on the door saying "no applications"

I'm pissed.  I am perfectly willing to go through hoops to get a job.  But I tend to reserve such efforts for jobs that are worth having. 

Since it is a national company, I'm tempted to get on the website and lodge a complaint.  And I probably will... after next week.  I'm stretching my 3 strike rule... complaints can achieve good things, but they're just as likely to whack you upside the head. 

So... will I go in there on Tuesday?  No, I will go in on Wednesday.  

Why not Tuesday you ask?

Because on Tuesday, I will be on a film set. 

Yep... snuck that in on you at the end, didn't I? 

You see, after all that rigamorole,  and I'm in a rather deadly mood, I get a call telling me to come in for costume and hair tomorrow so that I can be on the set Tuesday. 

I'm not allowed to say too much... it's a new tv series that hasn't premiered yet called Astronaut Wives Club.  Set in the early 60s, so I'm gonna get buzz cut tomorrow, (my poor curls) I'll be in two scenes. 
But yeah, I'll still look into day labor.  Like I said, it pays the same day, and that kind of manual labor keeps you fit, and I can pick and choose what days I work... so it would be convenient. 


  1. That's exciting to be in a show!!! Pretty cool. Sorry everything is so difficult. Finding a job today is so hard. Nothing easy about it in the least. It's such a pain in the ass. Hang tight. I'm praying for you, Claude!

    1. Julie... well, i procrastinated a bit when i got here, i guess i was aclimatising...but there last three weeks have been hard core.

  2. ooo, Astronauts Wives Club. I think that was a book, too...

    1. Yeah, it is based on the novel snd I'm sorry to Say i know nothing about it. All i know for sure is that they cut off all my hair, and theyre making me wear ugly brown actually, i will be standing ouyside in semi tropical NOLA in heavy wool, pretending its new york city in the winter. Not fun.