Saturday, October 25, 2014

This is not good...

In the interest of being totally honest... I'm going to admit publicly, on my blog, something I'm not proud of...

Basically, I'm out of funds. 

A little over 4 dollars is all the cash that is gracing me with its presence at the moment. 

Well, I have funds coming in... in a little over a week, but I don't have money now. 

Just in case you think I'm exaggerating and being a drama queen... I spent the morning looking into homeless shelters on line. 
If I don't get a day labor job on Monday, I may be forced to avail myself off their facilities. 

So crap.

But hell, I'm tough,  I'll survive it. 

I'll admit that my first week here I didnt exactly hit the ground running.  I thought I had time... is not like there aren't jobs... there are lots of jobs... It's just that the hiring guys have a maddening quality of being too Damn mellow about hiring... (I actually had one guy cancel an interview because he'd gotten too drunk the night before And just couldn't deal with it)  It's not something I'm used to dealing with.   In Texas... they need to fill a position in a week... here,  they give it qa couple of months and see what happens. 


But I do have food.   One of the local charities hand s out food and Friday I went by.  I was drsperate... there we are.  There were these cardboard cups of soup in the bag.   More upscale than Ramen noodles, and marked organic vegan.  I tried one.  Tasted OK. 

I shoulda known better.  I don't eat things markets vegan for a reason. .. soy makes me violently ill.

So today was spent in the bathroom with occasional dizzy spells.  

Obviously I didn't go in for day labor... I was having a hard time standing upright... all I could do is wait it out, and this afternoon,  after assuring people that no, I don't have Ebola, I'm doing better.   Still getting chills, but better. 

And that's the state of things at the moment. 

And there we are. 


  1. It's possible that your readers could do something to help, if you had a PayPal donate button or something along those lines set up. Just saying.

  2. Please set one up, Claude...I would be happy to help you out. PLEASE!!! I cannot stand the thought of you not having any damn money! My friend. I cannot bear it. It's just money, but you need a bit right now to float you along. Paypal NOW! Just do it. The universe will respond!

  3. Funny, but I thought of you earlier today and wondered about how you could do your crocheted bottles and skulls to sell right there on the street! I know they would sell like hot cakes!

    1. Ive actually talked to a few stores about selling them... selling on the streets involves a vendors licence and its a tad problematic... i could probably get away without it... i have been lookng into it.