Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tire trouble update...

so... if you read the last post... you know about the tire trouble... and the lack of spare tire and whathaveyou...

I figured the best thing to do was pull off the blown out tire, take the danged thing, with a ride from a friendly neighbor, to the used tire store, and get a replacement, then put the tire on the truck... unfortunately, what I wasn't aware of at the time, is that the last time I'd had the tires changed, the lug nuts had somehow gotten stripped.  Which means the blasted things aren't moving. 

I got the lug wrench on there... tried to turn it... and the lug wrench snapped... Now, I've heard of lug wrenches snapping before.  But I'd never actually known it to happen... but this one did... and unfortunately in the process, my hand rammed into the pavement, and I now have bleeding fingers... one of them actually took a hit right in the cuticle of my nail which is the most esquisitely painful place to get a cut... and it didn't want to stop bleeding. 

Fortunately, I grew up on an Army base, and I knew exactly what to do... which is to sit on the curb screaming every curse word you know for the next 15 minutes.  Much to the amusement of my neighbors, I assure you.  

Finally, cold, frustrated, bleeding and thoroughly pissed off... I called a tow truck and had the thing towed to a used tire place.  Fortunately the Corpus Christi job 2 weeks ago paid well and I had the money.  I would have infinitely preffered to buy something else with the money... something silly like food or maybe pay a bill or two... but there we are. 


  1. Claude,

    I applaud your strength! To snap a lug wrench, while I am sure it hurt like the dickens, I am both surprised and glad you did not break your hand in the process. It’s sound like this tire thing is getting to the point where you don’t need a tow truck but “a Priest, a Preacher, a Rabbi, and a Shaman. Hope the hand is better. – gary

  2. Oh, goodness, always keep a sense of humor (at least, maybe, after the fact)!!! I am so sorry about your bad, bad lug nuts and tire...I pray you can bake a chicken and sit down and eat the whole thing!

  3. What a bummer, Claude. Although I have to admit, I loved the visual I got of you sitting on the curb cursing.