Monday, January 09, 2012

Well, I haven't been here in a while, have I?  

Here's the thing... I got through the holiday season just fine.  However, for the first time in my life, I had Post-Holiday depression.  Ugh... just can't seem to get away from that big old D-thing, can I...

fine now. 

Here's my latest project... I think I mentioned before how I was making scarves for all the church guys.  Did that... they liked them, everything is cool... but they were all plain ole 1 color scarves.  Then I got a bug up my nose and I wanted to make something colorful... and with the big D looming, I crawled out of the house and bought some yarn. 

I made a big ole rainbow scarf. 

Pardon the bad cell phone  pics...

now... when you buy six skeins of yarn to make one scarf.. you end up having enough yarn to make six scarves.  So I made them and I put them in the vehicle to drop off at the flea market next time I was in... and in the meantime, I wore one out.  And promptly sold half of them out of the truck when I walked into the bar wearing it. 
The thing is... they're really nice scarves.  A full six foot long, because a short scarf is completely and totally useless as far as I'm concerned, and nice and fluffy.  And evidently worth about 20 bucks each... provided the customer base has had a couple of 'refreshing beverages'

So, I've been crocheting away, and I've given myself a wee case of carpel tunnel in the process, but that'll pass, and now somebody who works at the Dallas Apparel Mart, who represents 5 fashion designers, wants to sell them at his market store and if I actually go into production I have a strange feeling I'm going to be haunting nursing homes trying to get little old ladies to supplement their income with crochet projects... Lord have mercy on us all...


  1. Claude,

    First, congratulations on the unexpected business venture. Second, leave it to you to start a Granny SweatShop, lol (oh hick that’s a double lol). I know from past post the holidays pull you down, so it is good hearing that you put the down time to your advantage, hmm, maybe a trend is forming. Best to you in the New Year. – gary

  2. Scarf pride! Scarf pride!

  3. Like the scarf. And how cool that you got to make some money from your "therapy".

    Glad you're feeling better

  4. How great are these scarves, Claude??? wonderful. love the rainbow! i think you have seriously hit on something!!! wear one all winter and sell from your truck!!! love it!