Thursday, January 26, 2012

It would appear that yesterday I had 160 pageviews on Blogger. 

Interesting.  Don't know what the hell they found so fascinating, but there they are.  If they come back... howdy.  Nice to see you.  Whoever you are...

Anyway... coming out of over a week of electricity was interesting.  I habitually, and automatically, wake up at about 5 AM local time.  After merely a week of no electricity, I find myself stumbling around the house NOT turning on a light.  Finally, it occurs to me that I do have electricity, and I flip the switch... but damn, it's strange how quickly that happened. 

Of course, there was some stuff in the fridge that has to go... but I don't really keep that much in the house.  I'm a single guy, who works 8 to 12 hours a day.  Not much of what I actually would call 'cooking' goes on here.  I try to eat as healthy as possible... but after 12 hours on a road I'm hard pressed to find the energy to open a can. 

What's in the house is salad fixins, milk, half & half for my coffee and any piece of meat I can slap in a pan and fry.  The meat I usually get on the way home... I don't keep a lot here unless there is a big sale and some of it can go in the freezer.  The problem with that is that I have to remember to defrost it. 

I don't keep bread around because I don't eat it.  Seriously, a loaf of bread will go green before I've eaten 1/4 of it.  Plus... I've delivered to the big bakeries in the area.  And I know people who worked for them.  All that hype about buying day old bread?  Nonsense.  Your average loaf of white bread is a few days old before it ever hit the store to begin with.  Stuff is so full of preservatives it's actually kinda surprising that it CAN grow mold.  I'm afraid any carbs I eat are confined to the vegetable ones rather than the grain ones.  Potatoes cooked in the microwave are about it.  Although, I will confess to occasional strange cravings for Fritos corn chips.  Love the things... but I think it's the salt as much as anything else. 

Of course... now we're hearing all the hype about Gluten free foods.  I don't worry about it too much... like I said... I don't eat much grain anyway.  I always gravatated to real veggies and meat.  Guess it was from growing up around my Grandmother and her half acre vegetable garden.  She fed nine kids from that garden, and there were always quite a few hungry grandkids around when I was growing up...

Don't eat much in the egg department either.  If I buy them, I tend to buy a half dozen, and they last a couple of weeks.  This I attribute to growing up with my Grandmother again... an egg fresh from the hen house is much, much better than an egg from a grocery store.  The color is better, and it acts different when you put it in the pan. 

And one of these days... I'm actually going to talk about plants.  You'll die of surprise. 


  1. You know, this is what I love about you, always speak from your heart...AND you never know what will come out! Your blog is one of the most fun ones I know of!!! You are a very healthy eater. I need to follow your lead!!!

  2. I agree with Julie. It doesn't matter to me what you talk about, I like hearing from you.

  3. Looking forward to warmer gardening days and more visits and posts (plants or not) from you, friend.

    I wish chickens were allowed here, but I guess they're too uh-loud. Fresh eggs would be nice, though. So would the manure, much better than the dog stuff left lying around at the side of the road.