Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm back... you lucky dogs you...

so... I guess I should explain about that last post... especially coming so soon after one of my "depression" posts.  No... the big D hasn't raised it's ugly head again, this was the blasted truck... I had a break down, and I had to buy a mondo expensive part for it. 

Unfortunately, it came down to this... I could buy the part for the truck to keep working and make more money... or I could pay the overdue electric bill.  I figured the part was more expensive and far more important.  The Electric Company had other ideas entirely.  I was cut off...

So, I know that sounds hideous... but I have that sort of background... out came the old kerosine lamps.  Actually, they were already out, but they were filled and actually used for a change, and out of the cedar chest came the old wool quilts. 

All I really had to go out of my way for was cooking food... Sterno is actually pretty affordable. 

Speaking of affordable... If you go to the hobby stores in the area to find lamp oil... a half gallon costs about 15 bucks.  If you go to the Wal-mart neighborhood market... it costs 7.95... or the Wal-mart superstore sells it for 5.95.  I figured up how long that would last me, and it comes down to this... those lamps are cheaper to run than a light bulb. 

True... they're not as bright, but they are brighter than a candle, and as long as your not reading, you're fine.  And the light is warmer... nice and golden toned... really if you're looking into saving a few bucks... look into them.  Provided, of course, you can find the oil at a reasonable price... and you don't have rambunctious children and animals that are prone to ramming into furniture and tipping them over.

Regardless, the electricity is back on... and I've learned a few new non-electric tricks to take forward into the future. 


  1. It's difficult to have to make those decisions and I'm glad you figured something out. I had a similiar experience 3 years ago when our air conditioning died in the middle of our hot summer. I went through a lot of stress and anger. But with a little bit of time to think things through, we were able to work something out. Glad your electricity is back on.

  2. Oh yeah, baby!!! We have learned so much down here after without power...challenging, but also can be fun and interesting! I'm glad you made the most of it. Walmart is the best place to buy that oil here too! Thank God for Walmart.

    Glad you are back on the road again Claude!