Wednesday, December 07, 2011

so... a few weeks ago... maybe almost a month ago... someone stole the spare tire on my truck.  I don't know why, I'm not aware of a huge black market for spare tires, but they evidently crawled under my truck, cut the cable that holds the spare on with a pair of chain cutters or something and made off with the spare. 

I put the word out for another spare, but never heard back and then yesterday, I had a blowout in the middle of the freeway in Dallas.  And NO SPARE.  Dammit all to hell...

Ended up having to get towed home.   Which means the account for my gas is now empty, and since I had my gas money, the other account was used for bills so no help there and I'm waiting to hear from work to see when an advance on my paycheck will come through. 

I used to hope for an uneventful week... lately I've been hoping for a single uneventful day... Oh well... 


  1. Claude,

    Sorry to hear this but since you posted I am happy to know that you made it home all in one piece. I would hate to think what the traffic must have been like when this happened. Hope things turn around for you and you can get back to hoping of uneventful weeks again. Take care… - gary

  2. Well, Claude...I feel for you! What a disaster...thank God you are OK and can get that advance!!! That is a major-GOOD thing!!!!

  3. I usually just tick the box when I read your blog, but somehow, funny, interesting or cool wouldnt cut it, so sorry to hear of your plight, there are some real buggars in this world!

  4. I'm sorry, Claude. Thieves suuuuuuck.

  5. Doesn't it always seem to happen all at once? Drives me nuts.....especially when money is a factor:) Which is most of the time!