Sunday, December 04, 2011

On Friday, I officially spent 17 hours on the road.  The highlight of my day was a 400+ mile 'emergency' run to Corpus Christi.  Actually, I would have liked to have just found a cheap hotel room and stayed the night when I got there, but a quick check on my accounts showed that I couldn't really afford the room plus the gas back, so I turned around and came home, ariving about 2 am. 

That's one of the frustrating things about this job... yeah I go places, but all I see of them is the warehouse district.  True, this warehouse district had an interesting palm tree... but that doesn't really seem worth the trip. 

I spent all day Saturday dragging and nursing my knee.  Turns out my left knee doesn't particularly appreciate being asked to work a clutch for 17 hours straight.  When I woke up, it had stiffened up and didn't particularly want to bend.  A heating pad, elastic bandage and a certain amount of cussing seem to have finally convinced it, but today, Sunday, I won't be going to church.  I'm just too old to spring back from these things the way I used to.  I will however be listing some more on Craigs list... gonna sell off some Fitz & Floyd china that I have around here, and I have no use for.  Good thing about working in a flea market... I get tired of something, I have a place to get rid of it fairly easily. 

Speaking of Flea Market... There is a new one opening next year, and I've been approached about managing it.  Definitely interested. 

I'll attach links to the CL listings, or maybe just post some pics, later today...

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  1. Would managing the new flea market get you off the road??? Sorry to hear about your knee. Hope it will feel better VERY soon!