Sunday, December 04, 2011

Ok folks, it's Christmas at the flea market... and here's some of the things in my stall that we have for the holiday shoppers.  I wouldn't bother y'all with this sort of thing, except some of you seem to enjoy seeing what I have... I apologize for picture quality.  I'm stuck with a mobile phone at the moment... and the red background doesn't seem to condone pics for some reason.

First... there's a set of 8 of these powder horn beer glasses that would make somebody a wonderful present.  These are TIARA glass.  Tiara / Indiana Glass closed in 2002, and many of their pieces are coming into their own as collectables now... I'm pretty sure these date to the late seventies or early eighties. 

 Next on the flea market tour is this teapot from Fitz and Floyd.  It's a nice majolica piece that is in absolutely excellent condition.  No cracks, chips or even the tiny glaze flea bites that are the bane of majolica.  It's made to look like a Christmas cottage.  More a display piece than anything else... dating to the mid-eighties. 

And heres a pair of Fitz and Floyd salt and pepper shakers... I like these because the S and P's are actually usable pieces. 

More Tiara glass... this pair of beer steins are marked on the bottom and are in Tiara's 'black onyx'.  Definitely mid seventies here...

This pair of Salt and Pepper shakers in the Fitz and Floyd 'Damask Christmas' pattern are in their origional box... which is very important to collectors.  Early eighties. 

And I actually really really like these... dating to the late seventies, the tumbling reindeer are one of the earliest Christmas sets that Fitz and Floyd put out... there's a pair of candle holders, made to be centered on the table with the five cavorting reindeer surrounding them.  I once saw them in someones house worked into a table center with holly and pine, and it was quite striking.  These are in excellent condition. 
And that's a few of the pieces that we have in the Flea Market this week. 


  1. The Tumbling Reindeer are adorable!!!

  2. Now why can't Tallahassee's flea market have this kind of interesting stuff? At least I've never noticed anything like it before. Then again, I didn't realize there was such a thing as Tiara glass or Fitz & Floyd majolica. Thanks for the "edjamacation." Guess I'm collectible challenged.

  3. Julie... the Reindeer are amazing... I would keep them if I could, but I got too much stuff here already.

    WTW ... Collectors are wierd people. Tiara glass is sometimes wonderful and sometimes hideous. But it always sells... it was very popular in the 50's... I'm sure you've seen it but didn't realize it. Fitz and Floyd ranges from this highly decorated majolica which can border on Tacky, to some of the classiest china you've ever seen. The company is based in Dallas, but it's all made in Japan or Singapore.