Thursday, December 01, 2011

well, everybody out there will be glad to know that the elephants in the last post... are sold... so, here's the whole story...  I bought that pair for 10 bucks.  Because they didn't have tusks. 

Believe it or not, I just happened to have tusks at home.  Actually, I think they started out as cow horns, but they were in my bit's n pieces box... so I glued them in, and resold the elephants for 25 bucks each.  

Well, that's what I do for money.  Oh well... if you people had enough sense to save your own elephant tusks, you could have saved a few bucks, right? 


  1. Claude,
    So what you are telling us is that that you have a trunk of spare tusks??? Well then! I don’t feel so bad about have a box full of jiggle eyes. So what else do you have in your box of bits and bobs? - gary

  2. Oh crap...I just threw out a pair of tusks the other day!!!