Friday, December 05, 2014

Another post about nothing at all...

So... Tuesday and Wednesday I spent on a movie set... playing an International Space Station worker up in space.  Which sounds cool enough, but it basically boils down to 1 of 50 guys in a jumpsuit.  We looked like a convention of janitors. 

That's me in my jumpsuit.  And yes, since we're all international, we have different flags on our arms, and yep...thats the United Arabian Emirate on mine. I was like... Really?  Have you even looked at me?  Arabian?  Im not the swarthy type...but There we are...

The first day was easy enough.  14 hours of sitting in a holding room doing absolutely nothing.  Except occasionally sneaking down to raid the craft services table.  Got there too late for breakfast, but lunch was salmon, chicken in lemon sauce, green pees,  carrots, mashed potatoes , salad bar and chocolate cake. I could live with that.

Dinner was Chinese food.   I had rice and. Pork broccoli something or other. 

The next day, i did get there for breakfast.  We had a buffet with grits, sausage patties, biscuits, hash browns, scrambled eggs, gravy, and some mixed fruit salad.  (We were a little miffed because the crew and the stars got yogurt and had an omelette chef.  Snots)

The PA's (production assistamts) told us to load up, because we were gonna work today, and we did... i ran down stairs, across the loading dock and up the ships ramp at least 35 times.  My poor knees.  

Lunch was beef briskit, tilapia, broccoli, yellow squash, salad bar and pecan pie.   Since they had too much for the cat and crew they told us to help ourselves in the other room if we wanted chicken kabob. And ice cream with our pie.

Then we ran some.more.  Then I came home.

Thursday, i recovered. 

Today, I'm at the day labor service.

And thats it.


  1. Sounds like nourishing fun! Do you get to have any interesting conversations with your fellow "janitors"?

  2. Wow! They do feed you well!!!! That is great!