Saturday, December 13, 2014

Another pic of my wonderful career

Ok... I know this blog started out about gardening, and lately, my total lack of a garden is interfering with that... hard to grow anything when you're living in a guest house, and now we're kind of going off track with the movie thing

This is me on the set again.  I'm supposed to be a spectator at a congressional hearing.  Actually, i think I look like one of those pillars of the community who get caught running a prostitution ring on the side but there we are.

Just submitted for a bigger role as a White House Aid in a Movie that starts filming in January.  Good wishes, prayers, finger crossings all gratefully accepted... I need the higher pay grade...


  1. Love the glasses!!!!! Its a great look! Keeping fingers crossed for you to be moving up in the movies!!!!! ;)

  2. Yes - I like this look, too. Good luck with the movies!