Monday, December 22, 2014

More movie extra drama

So locally, they're now filming Joe Dirt 2 with David Spade.  Unfortunately, it's filming in Covington, on the other side of the lake, and they're having a very hard time finding enough extras over there.  I've had 3 different calls from the same Damn casting agent, and I keep saying... I would love to work on that project, (although actually I'm pretty indifferent, but you don't say that)  but I still haven't got a ride out to Covington.

I know they've had to delay at least one scene...
You'd think they'd get the idea And charter a bus. 
Other than that. .. I did just get cast as a drinker in a dive bar.  There's only 3 extras in the scene, so I might get good face time on the shot... and if there's less than a dozen extras we get to eat with the real cast... usually... we'll see...

Still, I'm thinking if I really want to nail the subtle nuances of "dive bar drinker" it might require some intense research... (I can see me now... yes officer, I did drink an entire bottle of tequila... but it was for art...)

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