Saturday, November 29, 2014

Life as we know it...

Life at St Vincent's is definitely interesting. 
Currently, we have a transgender person living among us.  In and of itself that isn't really a big deal (we've come a long way) but this particular transgender person is suffering from some mental issues... here's the deal...

Occasionally some of the cast of American Horror Story shows up at a coffee shop in the neighborhood.  Not too surprising, as they film less than 3 blocks away, and New Orleans is a pretty laid back place.  Celebrities actually walk around without getting too annoyed... But at some point a couple of weeks ago, Mat Fraser,  who plays seal boy on the show, and Erika Ervin, who plays Amazon Eve, were at the coffee shop when our girl, lets call her K, was there.  

Now, Ms Ervin is a 6 foot 8inch transgender model, and, upon seeing K, an obviously transgender person, Ms Ervin apparently went out of her way to try to be friendly, or at least say hello. 

Big mistake. 

Now K, who already has issues, namely believing that she is the leader of some sort of vampire coven who is being followed by the CIA, FBI, and a few other agencies that no ones ever heard of, not to mention that President Obama is personally watching her Facebook account, has now become convinced that Ms Ervin is stalking her on behalf of some Satanic Lesbian Cult.

Now, I've never met Ms Ervin, but I'm pretty sure that she's in town to earn about 10,000 dollars an episode on television, and I'm not sure that she has any connection with satanic lesbians, if they even exist.  

But I'm willing to give Ms Ervin the benefit of the doubt until the paparazzi catch her sacrificing a goat or something.

Personally, I blame Ronald Reagan for this crap.  He closed down the asylums. 

Hey, if K can blame satanic lesbians, I can blame Ronald Reagan.  So...


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