Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My wonderful career...

Back on 11/7, I posted that I was supposed to be filming American Horror Story on the 10th.  Well, here's the deal...

Tney have continuously delayed the shoot.  Today I get an email that they're filming on the 2nd. 

Unfortunately, I'm booked into Geostorm on the second.  And the third.  And the 15th of January.   I tell them that.  She's arranged that I can be pulled off Geostorm. 
Unfortunately, as much as I want to be in AHS , the concept of giving up 3 days work for a chance to film something that has already cancelled on me 4+ times isn't feasable. 

So.  There we are.  Dammit. 

Really... I don't know how the hell they get the Damn show on the air with this kind of scheduling.  

Regardless. .. here's hoping everybody is having a great day, and getting ready for thanksgiving.   Go Turkey's!

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  1. Have a very happy turkey day yourself!