Saturday, January 26, 2013


So... im staying out in Burleson, for reasons that have already been explained. My hosts are wonderful people, friends of the family, but I'm afraid that my hostess is one of those people that is completely inept with houseplants. She has killed several pothus for Gods sake. Imagine my surprise when I walked into the kitchen and found the outbid she received last mother's day still plugging along.

Of course, it's one of those phalenopsis that you get at home depot. It's been sitting in the kitchen window doing pretty much nothing. And as the "plant guy" I was immediately expected to come up with a plan.

Now... I don't do orchids. Not terribly impressed with them, and they don't stem terribly impressed with me either. I do know it's in the wrong kind of pot, and the dead bloom stems should have been snipped off. But, my dear hostess ( have I mentioned what wonderful people they are?) knowing her record wisely said to herself, " it ain't dying so leave well enough alone," which is probably pretty close to what I would have done.

I inspected closer, and found this.

The bloom stems ain't so dead. They're resprouting. Ive heard of this. Vaguely. Then I found this:

Appears to be another stem coming up.

Im voting for leaving it all be for the moment.


  1. I say do what you say to do!!! Hey, remember how upset I got when that house near me cut down the big giant prickly pear? You knew it would grow back, and I worried! YOU were is back where it used to be! Amazing! I noticed it a few days ago, and immediately thought of you!!!

  2. Julie... Didnt you get some cuttings of that cactus?