Wednesday, February 06, 2013

How utterly appalling

So... had to run to the local Home Depot to purchase a lock for a showcase arty the flea. 64,of course... it's that time of year so I had to. check out plants.

Now, as if cactus with fluted on flowers weren't bad enough...

How about echeveriad and mammillarias spray painted florescent colors. .


  1. Claude,
    Seriously??? I have not been in a retail chain store in for ever and with the warning of your post I may not for some time more. – gary

  2. I firmly believe they do these things so plant lovers will "rescue" them from the idiots at the store. and of course they're right at the front so you can't get in without experiencing rhe joy ...

  3. Now this is darn well freaking me out! I have not seen this before! I have to admit that that fuscia echeveria is quite lovely, I wonder if they can live like that! Doesn't the paint block the sun??? WOW!!!!!

  4. Oh dear lord. That's just cruel.